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This section features four reflective essays, each of which explores one or more of the issues or concepts that emerged as part of the process of creating this digital publication.

reflection of sunset over road an trees in a car wing mirror
Figure 1.

French motorway at sunset reflected in car side-door mirror (passenger side)

Reflection 1: What are social media?

In Reflection 1, Lisa Gee explores definitions of social media.

Reflection 2: About this “book”

In Reflection 2, Clare Brant discusses the shift in academic publishing towards the digital and lays bare its hidden ecological costs.

Reflection 3: Researcher stance

In Reflection 3, Lisa Gee investigates the concept of researcher stance and looks at how Ego-Media project team members situated themselves in relation to their research and research subjects.

Reflection 4: Writing for online reading

In Reflection 4, Lisa Gee explores research into online reading, outlining how we applied this in creating our digital publication.

The Ego Media Timeline

The Ego Media Timeline1 (on the King’s College, London website) situates the chronology of the project in the context of new media and technological developments and relevant political and cultural events.


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