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What’s it all about?

In constructing a home page for Imaginative Agency (IA), I borrow a grid arrangement from Instagram, partly because I like the aesthetic, and partly to make possible various reading sequences. The theoretical underpinning for Imaginative Agency – and much of Ego Media – comes in the central square – like noughts and crosses, a central crossing point. Anyone wanting to engage with that should start there; otherwise, any reading order is viable.

Each box is essentially freestanding, but also part of a composite in which parts enumerate aspects of the whole. What does wholeness mean in a world of posts and updates? The aim of the assemblage is to use the affordances of digital publication to combine theory with creative practice. I apply Imaginative Agency to a range of life-writing forms and practices – theater, emojis, Google Doodles – to show how the conjunction of agencies and imagination plays out across a range of internet-related cultural examples. Click on a box to start reading.

You are invited to be imaginative! What would you have put in the boxes?

Thank you for reading...